New Feature: Agency Default Configuration

As a digital marketing agency reselling GatherUp, you’ve learned what works for your clients. Why not start them all off with the best chance for success? We now provide the same Default Configuration settings you use to quickly set up business locations within a single client at the agency level. Easily assign tried and true settings from one client to all new clients using Agency Default Configuration.

From the Agency Dashboard, go to User Menu > Agency Default Configuration to get started.

Repeat Successful Strategies Automatically

Agency Default Configuration lets you edit settings in your account to your unique winning formula and apply them to all new clients (and their business locations) automatically. Set your preferences and edit as desired once, then add a new client and either add or import business locations to apply.

Configurable options include:

Once configured, you can easily update Brand & Colors to customize locations for a new client while maintaining all other selections and edits available in Agency Default Configuration

It’s much easier to tweak a few settings for a new client from a successful model then to custom setup every client. Agency Default Configuration saves time but it also makes repeating success easy.

Configure with Confidence

We’ve designed this feature to apply to new clients and locations only. Changes made to Agency Default Configuration at any time will not affect existing clients or locations. Only newly added clients and their locations will take on updated settings. This was done to protect you from unknowingly overriding client-preferred custom settings in your account.

Changes to Agency Default Configuration will not affect existing clients or locations. Only newly added clients and their locations will take on the updated settings.

You asked and we listened. Agency Default Configuration was a feature requested by many of you so we’re excited about its release. It makes our day to deliver a tool that makes your day easier.



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