New Feature: Facebook Recommendations Monitoring & Reporting

Today, we launched review monitoring for Facebook Recommendations and added them to our reporting suite. With the recent change from Facebook Reviews to Recommendations we got to work to make sure you don’t miss out on valuable customer feedback and reputation data.  While Facebook’s past 5-star reviews will remain in your account and reports, you will now also see your new Recommendations with their YES or NO counts.

For Facebook Recommendations You Need To Authorize GatherUp

You can easily pull in Facebook Recommendations to your GatherUp account to manage and report on, but you will now need to authorize your Facebook account/page with GatherUp. We’ve added an easy process to make this possible.

To authorize Facebook Recommendations in GatherUp select Authorization Settings under Account Owner

Complete the Facebook Authorization process (User Guide) to monitor Facebook Recommendations and have them added to the Reviews Report, the Success Report, and any review email notifications you have set up.

Character Minimum Equals Review Content Gold

While the change has its drawbacks and extra steps to get things back to normal, there are some wins. One is the increased review content Facebook is requiring.

The new Facebook Recommendations come with a 25 character minimum, adding valuable feedback for your business, and your next customer. Gone are the days of clicking a star-rating and going on your way, so you gain some context with all recommendations.

This change encourages authenticity in recommendations and aligns with the fundamental goal of GatherUp, which is to make customer experience the backbone of your business through reviews and customer feedback.

  • Facebook Recommendations require a minimum 25 characters which means more customer feedback and reputation data for you
  • Facebook’s past star-rating reviews will be maintained in your GatherUp account (nobody knows if or how long Facebook will keep them though)

Your Trusted Partner In An Ever-changing Discipline

Change is never easy, but it is the only constant, especially in online marketing. Facebook threw everyone for a loop with the change to Recommendations but, we got this. We are the only reputation management platform monitoring Facebook Recommendations. You can also use our capabilities to surface Recommendations on your website as social proof with Review Widget and Conversion Pop-Up.

As a trusted partner, we understand how important customer feedback and reviews are to your business and we provide the online review management expertise and tools you need to make listening your superpower.

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