Olo Integration With GatherUp Tastes Great For Nekter Juice Bar

Things turn out better with the right ingredients and we think we’ve found a great recipe for customer experience satisfaction with our latest integration.  GatherUp now integrates with Olo, an online ordering software with point-of-sale integration that helps restaurants and juice bars like Nekter Juice Bar improve their customer experience using Webhooks.


Automating & Offering A Better Customer Exit Survey

Our client Nekter Juice Bar, which operates over 50 locations in the western U.S. serving juices, smoothies and Acai bowls wanted to trigger GatherUp customer feedback requests automatically from their online orders via Olo to learn more on their customer’s experiences.

“Nekter is always looking for ways to use technology to customize, simplify, and improve the customer experience. Because of this, getting timely feedback from our customers is vitally important to us, and GatherUp has allowed us to automate and improve upon the standard exit survey.” shared Jon Asher, Nekter’s Director of Digital Marketing.

Nekter juices

At GatherUp, we are constantly working on any way possible to allow a customer to enter the feedback process.  Olo is a digital and mobile ordering leader serving restaurant brands like Which Wich, 5 Guys, Chipotle and Cold Stone Creamery.  Adding Webhooks allows us to “listen” to an online ordering platform like Olo and automate the customer being created and sent a feedback request in our platform.

We’ve also recently added the ability to connect directly to 3rd party applications like Mailchimp, Salesforce, HubSpot, Quickbooks and Constant Contact. A business can connect hundreds of other apps to GatherUp using Zapier. 

Feedback Just Waiting To Be Tapped

For many businesses they have customers wanting to express their feedback, but can’t find an easy way to make that happen.  GatherUp provides numerous proactive and passive routes to make this happen and once enabled, feedback often flows instantly.

“Being able to understand and address our customer’s comments and concerns is extremely important to us. GatherUp was able to seamlessly integrate into our online ordering experience and started getting us reviews within hours of flipping the switch.” noted Asher. 


We’ve even seen feedback coming in with emoji hearts in the comments, now that’s true love.

A Better Customer Experience, Are You Next?

If you are a restaurant, cafe or franchise using Olo, we can help integrate a valuable customer feedback and online review solution with almost instant results. Nekter Juice Bar did and is off and running.

If you have a CRM, POS or other platform that you want to integrate with GatherUp, check out our API, Zapier offering, Webhooks or contact us and let’s talk!

*Staff photo via Yelp, Nekter Juice photo from 30th & Weldon



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