GetFiveStars Customer Webinar: July 2016

“How do I get more reviews?”

As you can imagine, we get this question quite a bit from business owners who are trying to get noticed online.

In this month’s webinar, Mike and Don discussed online reviews, and shared some hard-earned best practices for getting more of them. We also shared some new product enhancements to help you set up new business locations effortlessly and view your customer list and feedback in a bunch of new ways.

The full recording of the webinar is posted below. We’ll be updating our webinars page with the August webinar date soon.

Webinar Video Recording


Mike and Don shared some specific tips for getting more feedback and online reviews. How to ask for reviews, how to establish the value of feedback and reviews, making it easy for your customers to leave you feedback and reviews, and others. We also answered some excellent questions from attendees about their challenges.

The topics we covered are listed below:

  1. Product Update – lots of exciting new features in June and July
  2. New logo & branding for GetFiveStars
  3. How to ask for online reviews
  4. Establishing the value of feedback and reviews with your employees and your customers
  5. Providing multiple entry points and making it easy for your customers to leave you reviews
  6. The importance of responding to ALL feedback and reviews, and when to respond privately vs responding publicly
  7. Questions and Answers about customer feedback and online reviews

We dug into this same topic on our blog in July, with this two part series on how to get more online reviews:

How To Get More Online Reviews – Part One

How To Get More Online Reviews – Part Two

Slides from the Webinar

We’d love to hear your experience with customer feedback and online reviews; how you handle them, best practices you’ve found, or struggles you’re not sure how to overcome. Just leave us a comment below, or send us an email. We all review these emails and are waiting to hear from you.



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