Introducing Repeat Customer Feedback

We’re excited to announce Repeat Customer Feedback, a new GetFiveStars feature that we’ve been working on for a while. Now you can capture feedback from as many visits or interactions as you want from an individual customer.

The Power of Feedback – Multiplied

One of our guiding principles is to keep our software as simple and clean as possible, by focusing on only the features and capabilities that provide maximum value. Adding new features is something we take very seriously, because each new feature brings complexity and interactions with it.

But many of you have businesses where you interact with your customers frequently, and want to be able to capture feedback from the same customer over time. The ability to capture more than one feedback per customer is important to many of you, so we’ve added it.

Repeat Customer Feedback

You can ask for additional feedback from an exiting customer in several different ways:

  1. Send another feedback request from the Customer Dashboard or the Customer Profile
  2. Upload the customer again using the CSV or Excel upload capability
  3. Add the customer again using the API (or Zapier, or Webhooks)

Any of these actions will check the threshold you set in your Account Owner Details screen. There you can set the number of days (from 1 to 255) you want to wait until allowing additional customer feedback to be allowed.

For example: If you set this to 30 days, an existing customer will not be sent a feedback request until 31 days from their last action.

Tracking Multiple Feedback Items

The video below shows how the multiple feedbacks show up in the Customer Profile for your customer, and how to Publicly and Privately respond to each of them.

Give this great new feature a try and start getting even more feedback from your customers!



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