GetFiveStars Customer Webinar: August 2016

Our webinar for August was packed with great content as we had multiple new features to cover and an extensive blog post to discuss in-depth.  I was joined by Mike Blumenthal as we managed to keep the lights on while our usual host Don Campbell was traveling. 🙂

Below is the video and slides of the hour long webinar, with questions and answers included throughout.

GetFiveStars Customer Webinar – August 2016 from Don Campbell on Vimeo.

August Webinar Topics Covered

This month has offered two very large feature additions to the GetFiveStars feedback platform and we covered how to use these features and fielded questions from the attendees.  Here is what is covered in the webinar video and slides below.

  1. Survey Questions –  We looked at how to set them up, what settings to use, what types of questions you can ask and how to view reporting for them.
  2. Repeat Customer Feedback – Just this week we launched the ability to build a history of feedback instances per customer.  Mike and I reviewed the suppression setting, how it works and the new Customer Profile screen to give you all of the customer’s history.  One thing to note is the “suppression” setting will be the days from when the customer was “added” to GetFiveStars.
  3. Feedback Request & Review Request Options – We walked through each of the 3 options for your first touch-point with customers.  Features, pros and cons of each option were discussed at length.

Webinar Slides

View the slide deck from the August Webinar below.

Thanks for catching up with us on the August webinar.  We have these webinars monthly can you can see past ones and join the next on our Webinar page.



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