Social Sharing Adds Twitter Integration, Cropping & Themes

NOTE: As of September 29, 2023 GatherUp no longer provides Twitter authorization, social sharing, or reporting.

GatherUp’s Social Sharing feature was launched earlier this year to help you turn reviews into stunning social media content. Users love how simple it is to create custom social media images in seconds from your 5-star reviews. Now, we’ve added more helpful tools to Social Sharing for you to use.

Direct posting to Twitter

In a single click, you can now post your reviews in an engaging image to Twitter as well as Facebook and Google posts with direct posting via GatherUp. Instagram images are available for download so that you can manually post to your account.

twitter posts

Authorize GatherUp to access your desired Twitter account so that you can save time and post your custom social images directly to Twitter from GatherUp.

To post directly to Twitter via Social Sharing in GatherUp authorize your account

To post to your Twitter account directly from GatherUp, you will need to authorize the account first. Because Twitter Authorization is at the user level, each user that wishes to post directly to Twitter will need to complete this step. You will need to be logged into the Twitter account you wish to connect to before starting the authorization process.

A user must authorize the Twitter account to post directly via GatherUp

For detailed instructions check out the Twitter Authorization user guide.

Image cropping using guides

We’ve adding more control over how your background images display by adding image cropping as an option when creating a new theme. The ability to crop allows you to zoom in and out on your image. Using guides, you can understand how the background image will be cropped for each social media site’s image size.

Cropping uses guides to assist image placement in custom backgrounds for social media posts

Once you click “Crop”, guides appear that represent image post sizes for Facebook/Twitter, Instagram, and Google. Move or resize these guides to ensure key elements are visible in the image background of your post on each social channel.

10 Themes Now Available

We’ve doubled the design themes you can create and save from 5 to 10 themes. Now you can use an even bigger library of custom themes for your posts. Themes are an incredible tool to save time and build your brand into Social Sharing with images, photos, colors, and more.

custom themes for social media posts
You can now store 10 design themes for the background styles of your posts.

Social Sharing images are valuable in more places than just social media. Businesses are using these custom images across marketing channels to add visual impact to their website and email newsletters. More templates mean you can create a variety of backgrounds to meet your needs.

How To Get Started With Social Sharing

If you are not using GatherUp, sign-up today to turn customer reviews into beautiful branded social media posts in minutes.

If you are an existing customer on our Pro Plan and higher, Twitter Authorization, image cropping guides, and 10 templates are available in your account. Simply log in to get started.

For further help in set-up or use, please view the user guides:



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