GetFiveStars Release Notes – May 2017

One of our most important goals is to add value consistently – features and optimizations that make your life easier or deliver more value to you. We wake up every day excited to craft and refine GetFiveStars based on your feedback, changes in the industry, and our research and data.

Even though we’ve had great attendance at our monthly customer webinars, I realized we haven’t published our release notes in a while. We try to publish them at the beginning of each month, but I’ve missed a few 🙂

So here’s an update for you – in case you missed our customer webinars or weren’t aware of some of the new things we’ve been adding to GetFiveStars.

February Updates

In February, we released a big new capability – SMS Feedback Requests. This was one of my personal favorite projects. Many business and customers respond better to SMS than email. In fact, in many cases the open rate of SMS feedback requests is 90%+, vs 40-50% for email. We’re seeing great results – increased amount of quality feedback and more online reviews on Google, Facebook and industry specific review sites.

SMS Text feedback request

New Features in March

In March we made a number of refinements to SMS based on how we saw you using it. For example, since we allow you to include images with your SMS feedback requests, we eliminated image clipping issues by auto-resizing the image you upload to ensure it doesn’t get clipped.

We also made a bunch of usability improvements to the SMS Message Editor, including message size constraints to eliminate the situation where messages are too long and they get broken into multiple messages. We now provide a nice message size indicator so you know exactly how many more characters you have to work with.

Also, many of you use SMS in other countries like the UK, Australia and others, so we have been working to improve our support for these countries with local numbers and other features (who knew that you can’t send MMS messages in the UK?)

We added a number of other enhancements not related to SMS, including:

  • Add mobile phone to Kiosk mode – for those of you using Kiosk mode to get customer feedback and reviews, we’ve added the ability to collect mobile phone number there now that you can send feedback requests via SMS.
  • Job ID on Feedback Page – you can now optionally turn on Job ID on your feedback page, if you want to capture specific job information in your feedback request.
  • API call to get survey question results – if you are using Survey Questions, now you can use our API to request the survey question results, in addition to all your other NPS, feedback and review data.
  • Streamlined the “Add Customer” screen – We cleaned up the Add Customer screen so that if you add customers manually on your mobile device it is much simpler and more efficient – hiding fields that are not commonly used so you only see the essential unless you expand the advanced ones.

April’s New Capabilities

Then in April, we released our New Reporting Engine and New Reports. We redesigned our reports (plus added some new ones) to focus on strong visuals, new charting, increased data delivery and more features to customize your views. Watch this guided tour in our April Webinar recording to see them in action.

Net Promoter Score report

What’s coming next?

Here are a few preview highlights of what’s on-deck:

  • Update mobile menus look and feel
  • Deep linking for Facebook reviews – launch the Facebook app on your customer’s mobile device automatically if they have it installed.
  • Testimonial tagging – show subsets of your testimonials on different pages of your website. Location pages, product pages, pages for staff members – lots of possibilities.
  • New email and landing page designs – dope. You will like these 😉
  • Zapier triggers to enable new integrations. For example, what if you could create a support ticket in ZenDesk or HelpScout whenever you received feedback below a certain rating?
  • Easy feedback mode selection – We’re making it super easy to select the feedback mode you want – do you want to focus on NPS Score or Online Reviews or Feedback? Now it’s as simple as clicking a button to change modes.

So I hope you can see we take your ideas and feedback seriously, and love improving capabilities in GetFiveStars every month. Did we miss your favorite feature or idea? Please let us know either in the comments below.

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